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ZD leather is one of China’s synthetic leather manufacturers and suppliers. We strive to deliver your leather on time, within budget, and with an exceptional level of quality. Price your project quickly and easily now!

PVC leather


Decorative Leather

PVC artificial leather finds versatile applications in the fabrication of car interiors and car seats. Renowned for its robustness and durability, PVC synthetic leather not only withstands wear and tear effectively but also exudes a sophisticated and upscale appearance. Furthermore, its easy-to-maintain nature adds to its appeal, making it a practical and stylish choice for automotive upholstery.

Manufacturering PVC leather for more than 15 years. 


Furniture Leather

PVC artificial leather serves a variety of purposes, including its use as an auxiliary material in combination with genuine leather for crafting sofas. It can also function as the primary material for furniture items such as dining chairs, bed headrests, and decorative wall coverings. With diverse textures and colors available, PVC artificial leather offers strong malleability, catering to the diverse home décor preferences of different individuals. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for creating stylish and functional furnishings that meet various household needs.

Premium Quality
PVC artificial leather production

Our products are mainly PVC artificial leather with non-woven fabric as the base, which has the characteristics of good strength, wear resistance, and waterproof. We have a professional team researching and producing new products with high-quality guaranteed. It’s our pleasure to provide you with excellent products at competitive prices with good service.

Why Choose ZD Leather ?


ZD leather is flexible and will meet your requirement of ordering varying quantities.

Professional Craftsmanship

Our 30-years’ experience in the leather field speaks for itself. All our team members are highly skilled and talented.


We guarantee you the affordable price and highest quality among all the manufacturers.

Customization Capability

We can customize PVC synthetic leather with specific features such as flame resistance, sound absorption, and a smooth finish to meet unique performance requirements.

Test Reports

We can provide corresponding quality inspection reports. Only after the products have passed the testing will we proceed with the production of the bulk order.

Fast Turn Around & Production Capacity

Equipped with 2 production lines.Capacity 100,000m/month.We delivery 30% faster than our competitors.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

We have served hundreds of satisfied customers and here are some reviews they left for us.

“I am very satisfied with the cooperation with ZD leather.We have been cooperating for many years.My annual order volume is 5-8 containers,and the quality of the products is very stable.”

Trading company owner

“ZD leather has done an excellent job matching the PVC leather to the genuine leather sample I provided.The grain pattern and color are extremely similar,and the texture feels very comfortable.It is exactly the product I was looking for.”

Marc Doe
Studio Owner

“I am extremely pleased with ZD leather’s expertise and professionalism.I purchased leather from them to make sofas,and I specifically requested leather with soundproofing capabilities.They were able to provide me with samples tailored to my requirements and constantly made adjustments until they achieved the final product that met my expectations.”

Furniture factory buyer

PVC Leather Knowledge

ZD Leather has been committed to the development and research of PVC artificial leather in many fields such as agriculture, furniture, automobile and garment.

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