Leatherette fabric pvc artificial leather for furniture supplier

Leatherette fabric pvc artificial leather for furniture supplier

The texture of this product resembles tree bark, which is why we call it the “tree bark texture.” If you prefer a deeper texture, this option is an excellent choice. Our factory offers a variety of textures that, when paired with different colors, create unique and diverse effects. You can also send us samples of the genuine leather you want to match. If you need samples, feel free to contact us at any time.

Featured PVC Sythetic Leather

PVC synthetic leather has an appearance similar to natural leather, with vibrant colors, lighter texture, high strength, and excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, fold resistance, and acid and alkali resistance.We cater to various options for thickness, weight, color, and special properties to meet your specific needs.

MaterialPVC synthetic leather,artificial leather,faux leather
Thickness0.6-1.2mm(customized thickness)
ColorCustomized color
Backing TechnicsNonwoven,mesh,TC twill,kintted,velveteen
FeaturePrinted,vacuum suction pattern,flocked,mirror
UsageHome Textile, Decorative, Belt, Chair, Furniture, Sofa, Football, Notebook, Gloves, Car Seat,etc.
MOQ100 meters
Packaging20-50 meters/rolls (customized lable and packaging)
Supply Ability100000 meters per month
Place of originZhejiang,China
Delivery time15-20 days

The Choice Of Backing Fabric

The backing fabric for synthetic leather can be divided into three main categories: woven fabric, knitted fabric, and non-woven fabric. Our factory primarily recommends synthetic leather with a non-woven backing fabric,because the internal structure of non-woven fabric is distributed in a three-dimensional manner, similar to the network-like structure of natural leather. This gives the synthetic leather a realistic internal structure, resulting in higher strength, better elasticity, and increased durability. It also offers greater comfort in use.


TC twill

warp knitted brushed



Test report

If a product is required special customization, after preparing samples according to the customer’s specifications, we send them to the appropriate testing institution. Only after passing relevant tests and obtaining the testing report, do we proceed with mass production. The tests may include color fastness, peel strength, temperature, humidity, and more. We provide the corresponding testing reports to our customers for transparency and assurance.

Application Of PVC Sythetic Leather

PVC synthetic leather can be used to manufacture luggage, furniture, gloves, automotive interiors, and more. It is widely applied in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and everyday life.

More Than Just a PVC Synthertic Leather Manufacturer

Our prompt support, adherence to high standards, customer-centric solutions, and sound advice underpins our growing reputation as we always strive to provide a variety of optimal solutions to help your business grow.

Quality inspection guarance

Craft every inch of leather with care.Our factory enforces strict quality control measures, ensuring product quality is guaranteed.

Logistics support

We offer seamless, logistics support that meets your needs. We can assist you with product handling and delivery that is always on time and within budget..

Product design support

Share your design ideas with us, and our engineers will provide you with the most professional advice.

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