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Factory with 14 years of industry production experience based in China.

Leather With Leather

We can creat PVC synthetic leather with different colours and textures to match the genuine leather made from different colors and textures.Our manufacturing process allows us to replicate various patterns and materials found in real leather,including the distinct colors and textures.This PVC synthetic leather provides a cost-effective alternative to genuine leather while maintaining the same aesthetic appeal.The versatility of our manufacturing capabilities enables us to offer a wide range of options for customers seeking to match their desired leather appearance.

Product applications

PVC leather can be used as the main material of the sofa, and it can also be equipped with genuine leather accessories.


PVC artificial leather can be used to make some sports equipment,Smooth to the touch, easy to clean and durable.

PVC artificial leather can be used to make car interiors, which looks beautiful, high-grade and durable

What makes us different

Factory Direct

ZD leather factory has 14 years experience in the PVC artificial leather industry.

Quality Assurance

Our products are highly specialized and subject to strict quality control,ensuring reliability.

Professional Reports

Our products can be customized according to various requirements such as noise reduction,fire resistance,environmental friendliness,and UV resistance,and we provide professional reports to verify compliance.

Fast Turn Around &Production Capacity

Equipped with 2 production lines.Capacity 100,000m/month.We delivery 30% faster than our competitors.

Hear from happy customers

“ZD leather has done an excellent job matching the pvc leather to the genuine leather sample I provided.The grain pattern and color are extremely similar,and the texture feels very comfortable.It is exactly the product I was looking for.”

- Ben
(Toddler care)

“I an extremely satisfied with ZD leather’s expertise and professionalism.I purchased leather from them for making sofas,and I specifically requested leather with soundproofing capabilities.They were able to provide me with samples tailored to my requirements and constantly made adjustments until they achieved the final product that met my expectations.”

- johnny

“I an very satisfied with the cooperation with ZD leather.We have been cooperating for many years,and the quality of the products is very stable.”

- Samantha

Get in touch

If you have any questions,doubts or suggestions about our products,please feel free to contact us at any time.Our professional team is always willing to assist you,and will reply to your message and provide design drawings within 2 hours.